🛫 Going to Miami Hack next week

😎 We’re going to have a great time and I can’t wait to see you in Vice City

Hello people, in this issue, we’ll look at…

  • 👩🏽‍💻 Miami Hack Week,
  • 🤖 Juno’s workshops during Miami Hack Week,
  • ⚛️ Design Systems Tips,
  • ℹ️ Icons Libraries,
  • 💼 Portfolio Design Crit,
  • 🥂 and much more…

👷🏾‍♂️ Miami, It’s time to build!

Living in Georgia is a blast, but traveling to Miami is always a treat. Next week, Miami will be buzzing with tech people during Miami Hack Week.

Miami’s tech community has welcomed me with such warmth since I moved to the US. In order to give back to this beautiful community, I will be there to make a difference.

The first UX Designathon will take place next week, and you are welcome to participate. This will be a fun competition. You can sign up for free here. My role is to mentor the groups and be part of the judging panel on Friday.

In addition, I’m hosting two events:

⚛️ The shortcuts you need to know to Design Systems

Several of you know me as the Marie Kondo of the Design System. Whenever I see a crappy library, I need to take a few minutes to meditate before fixing it.

Start mimicking the best in class to become a grand master of Design Systems. To help you improve your skills, here are some recommendations from this article.

And of course, I am always happy to help you with some tips, but once you have a job, I cannot do your work (this request has happened a few times 🤣).

  1. Base Design System by Uber
  2. AWS Amplify
  3. Salesforce Lightning
  4. Pegasus Design System
  5. Backstage Design System by Spotify
  6. Prime Design System
  7. Disy Design System
  8. iOS 16 UI Kit for Figma
  9. Design Encyclopedia
  10. FlowBite

👯‍♀️ It’s gotta be the most loved app, if not more popular than ChatGPT, among designers

Some HTML converted to Figma

Maybe the most loved plugin in the past few months is html.to.design, the shameless plugin that downloads and converts HTML/CSS into your Figma.

Even though it’s not perfect, it’s a great way to understand proportion, spacing, and balance between objects. I downloaded a few pages, and sometimes images or objects got lost in the conversion.

The html.to.design plugin uses the same technology as story.to.design, another awesome plugin for improving your DesignOps. It connects to Storybook and other tools to keep code and design together. Beauty at its finest. 💄💅

ℹ️ Icons

I ❤️ icons, especially when libraries have 24×24 sizes. It’s the most balanced size for resizing. I picked a few libraries you should check out. Don’t forget to organize it like a pro (if you don’t remember, I can make a workshop in the future).

Building a design systemThe best way to understand how

👩‍🎓 Elevate your career to the next level


Are you ready to take the next step in your career and become a user experience and user interface designer? Look no further than Ironhack’s UX/UI Bootcamp! Our intensive program will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the industry. With our hands-on approach, you’ll learn the latest design tools and techniques while working on real-world projects. You’ll also have access to a network of industry professionals who will mentor you and provide valuable insight into the field.

Don’t let lack of experience hold you back. Our bootcamp is designed for individuals with diverse backgrounds and no prior design experience. By the end of the program, you’ll have a portfolio of work to showcase to potential employers. Don’t wait any longer. Join Ironhack’s UX/UI Bootcamp today and start your journey to becoming a successful designer.

💼 Portfolio Review Session

My apologies to everyone who has asked me to look at your portfolio over the last year. I wasn’t able to find the right time because I was so busy. I’m planning to open a slot in my agenda for a Design Critic session to review portfolios because I don’t want to postpone it anymore. Please email me if you’re interested.

Redesigning the apps or websites of companies in the industry you wish to work in is the most effective strategy. Think about redesigning Delta Airlines’ app or Hilton’s website, for example, if you want to work in travel or hospitality. Find the pain points of users and fix them. Make it shine. Don’t forget to share on Medium and LinkedIn.

There are some projects out there that aren’t perfect, but they show the process; check out the Disney+ app redesign.

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