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📈 2023 UX/UI trends

Each year brings the same rhetoric, with many people claiming to know the latest UX/UI trends to follow. However, your design may appear outdated in just a few months as everyone else begins to adopt the same techniques. The truth is, having a strong foundation in timeless design principles will always be the best trend to follow.

🚐 Road Trip Back Home

As of December 18, 2022, we (👩🏼 wife, 👦🏻 👧🏻 kids, 🐶 dog, and 👨🏻) have been on a nonstop adventure.


🚐 Atlanta to Miami
🚐 Miami to Atlanta
🚐 Atlanta to New York
🚐 New York to Atlanta

On our way back to Atlanta on our last trip, we took a detour to DC to catch up with our old friend from Brazil. I can hardly believe it’s been almost ten years since we last saw each other! She moved from Chile, married, and had two beautiful kids.

It was my first time meeting her husband, who just so happens to be a part of the Google AI team. We had a rad and nerdy 🤓 chat about trends, printed some toys on the 3D printer for the kids, and even showed me the AI nose he built in his spare time that can recognize different smells.

Trends may or may not worry you, but things are bound to happen soon, not just in our industry but in the world at large.


You probably have a human boss these days, and you might fall into the first column below. Unless you’re a Uber driver, in which case, AI is already your boss, telling you where to pick up and drop off people every day, and you’re already living in the second column. And currently, some designers and developers are the bosses of the AI that manages the drivers.

Google envisions a future workforce that’s a blend of AI and humans, and you may work for an AI or manage one.

We can already see a lot of AI tools that can speed up the design process and also create some amazing designs. Right now is the best time to join a company as a designer because, in the future, AI will decide if your design skills are up to par and can tackle the company’s issues or if another AI can handle them.

Think about it, if you can’t even score higher on a resume screening tool like Resume Worded, you won’t even get a human interview anymore.

💰 Everything has a price

Asking ChatGPT to create something for you today will cost 7 cents in US dollars for every request. It may not seem like much, but it can add up when it comes to scaling. Google is aware of this and concerned about it, while Microsoft is investing billions of resources to scale OpenAI.

Google has a more idealistic view and wants to ensure that AI does not exacerbate societal bias. According to their research, the workforce will become too white at the top if AI becomes prevalent in the future (column 3 above).

⚔️ Digital Battle

Would you rather use digital products from Western companies that claim not to track you, but actually keep listening and accessing your phone camera whenever they want? Or do you prefer using products from giant Chinese tech companies that openly track you, but at least you’re able to enjoy TikTok?

Nowadays, it’s difficult to discern whether documentaries like Believing is Seeing are political propaganda or not, especially when you consider that Instagram has replicated many of TikTok’s features and can potentially expose you to all the diseases discussed in the documentary.

In my thesis, I argue that the USA should ease up on punishing American tech companies if they want to succeed (or maintain their dominance) in the tech industry. We are already in a tech war where the USA is withholding chip exports to China to hinder their progress, and only American engineers have access to certain AI projects at Google.

And collaboration between 👩🏾‍🚀 astronauts 🧑🏽‍🚀 in space is now almost non-existent.

👩‍🎓 Elevate your career to the next level


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🗣️ Talking to AI

We understand that AI is not yet perfect, but it’s about time to improve it. ChatGPT cannot provide information about recent events, so journalists can rest easy knowing their jobs are safe for a while. In this article, AI is optimistic about the future of the UX/UI career, but keep in mind that AI has made significant improvements in recent months and doesn’t use recent data.

This is my test case:

It’s important to note that AI cannot completely replace UX/UI designers. However, it is possible that AI could play a larger role in the design process in the future. Here are five ways AI could potentially impact the job of a UX/UI designer:

  1. AI-powered design tools: AI could potentially be used to create design concepts or prototypes, allowing designers to focus on other tasks.
  2. Improved efficiency: AI could help designers by automating specific tasks, such as resizing graphics or generating code. This could allow designers to work more efficiently and allow them to take on more projects.
  3. Personalization: AI could be used to create personalized designs based on a user’s preferences and behavior, potentially allowing designers to create more targeted and effective designs.
  4. Testing and optimization: AI could be used to test and optimize designs, allowing designers to identify and fix any issues with their designs quickly.
  5. Augmented creativity: AI could potentially be used to generate design ideas or suggest new approaches, allowing designers to explore a broader range of options and potentially come up with more creative solutions.

📅 Say hi to your new boss

Juno, I don’t want AI to be my boss.

But tools like Motion use AI to optimize your daily schedule and automatically reorganize your appointments to make your life easier (or to control you).

🔑 Secret Sauce

If you have been using the Secret Sauce and wanna keep it growing, please send me more suggestions. I received this other library full of designs with resources.

🕹️ Designer’s Game

Some games to make you a better designer. In those games, for sure AI is better than humans.

  1. It’s Centred That
  2. Perfect Paragraph
  3. Shape Type
  4. The Boolean Game
  5. Color Test
  6. Designercize

🐇 🎊 A year in review, the best of 2022

Before the Rabbit year starts, here are the three reviews I loved it.

🦸🏿‍♂️ Final words…

Google, as a company, should be more concerned about the capabilities of AI. If you think about it, you don’t see many advancements in Google products since they made the yellow pages searchable.

Many Google employees may believe they are brilliant, but in reality, they’ve just been mimicking DuckDuckGo for the past decade.

My final advice? Make a lot of money, retire before AI takes your place, and make an AI investor work for you. For example, Betterment uses AI to invest your money, because at the end of the day, what does a financial advisor do besides recommending you invest in S&P 500 ETF options?

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