Designer. Educator. Creator. Entrepreneur.

Hi there! I’m Juno 조주노, a creative spirit with a passion for design and innovation. My adventure in the world of advertising began at DM9 DDB Worldwide, where I had the incredible opportunity to work on digital campaigns for renowned clients such as Itaú Bank, AOL, Honda, Johnson & Johnson, Lucky Strike, Philips, Parmalat, Guaraná Antarctica, Telefónica, Sebrae and many more.

My journey took an exciting turn when I joined CCR Inc., a leading Korean gaming and software company. As the Country Manager and Product Evangelist, I led groundbreaking campaigns for brands like Philips, Avon, Volkswagen, Toshiba, Warner Bros, and FOX using the X2Web platform.

But my aspirations didn’t stop there. I founded my own design studio, collaborating with giants like ESPN Brasil, Electrolux, AB InBev, Sony, Vivara, Pelé Club, Phillips, Formula 1, and Tim. I even built digital strategies for Brazilian music icons like Sandy & Junior, KLB, Leo Maia, and Forró Saborear. I also ventured into the financial sector, developing innovative products for FIRB (former subsidiary of Thomson Reuters in Brazil).

The world of e-commerce and startups beckoned next. At Buscapé Company, I played a pivotal role in revamping QueBarato!, transforming it into one of Latin America’s premier online marketplaces, according to Comscore. This achievement even caught the eye of Bloomberg.

My entrepreneurial spirit continued to thrive with the creation of PlayBook, a unique crowdfunding platform for music concerts sponsored by Jack Daniels. I co-founded PlayBook with Holding Clube, the major player in events management and live marketing in Brazil.

Concurrently, I founded LookBook™ WeLiveStyle, a trendsetting company in the fashion and design full-commerce space.

Moving to Florida marked a new chapter in my life. There, I began sharing my extensive UX/UI design knowledge with students at Ironhack, guiding hundreds of aspiring designers.

In the US, I worked on transformative projects with Black & Decker and led a significant redesign of the Bose mobile app. In 2019, I launched DOJO+, a venture that quickly gained traction and an impressive valuation.

I’ve also been mentoring startups at Techstars and eMerge Americas and participating as a judge and mentor in various design contests, contributing to the vibrant design community.

Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, I’m working as a Senior Product Designer for OnChain Studios, constantly collaborating with companies that are shaking things up and focusing on exceptional user experiences.

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me indulging in basketball, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsuphotography, music, coding, writing, and exploring every corner of the globe. I’m always on the lookout for new adventures and creative challenges.