Juno is a Senior Product Designer, UX/UI designer, business development, and marketing professional with over 18+ years of experience across Internet Companies, Advertising, Entertainment, Digital Market, and Technology industries.

Professional Experience

Known for creative and proactive approaches to developing and designing products and successful marketing campaigns featuring growth and revenue in digital channels and SEO. Joined as co-founder of some ventures and managed team and one of the largest online websites in Latin America and top-ranked in Comscore with millions of registered users.

DOJO+ • Founder

April 2019 – Present • São Paulo, SP, Brazil and Miami, FL, USA

Created DOJO+ concept and brand in 2015 in Brazil.
Since 2019 open DOJO+ as a company in the US.

OnChain Studios • Senior Product Designer

May 2022 – Present • Atlanta, GA, USA

To be updated.

Techstarts • Mentor

February 2023 – Present • Miami, FL & Atlanta, GA, USA

Mentorship startups in Techstars Miami (2023)
Mentorship startups in Techstars Miami & Atlanta (coming this fall)

Ironhack • UX/UI Design Instructor

February 2019 – Present • Miami, FL, USA

I create and prepare engaging content for UX/UI courses that include lessons, exercises, and/or mini-projects. Most of the content is related to UX/UI design process and design thinking methodology, rapid prototyping, card sorting, user flows, wireframes, and design systems, among other best practices from the industry. Every new group is a great opportunity to research and tackle real problems.

  • UX/UI design process and design thinking methodology
  • UX/UI best practices
  • UX strategy & research
  • Information Architecture
  • Design patterns and heuristics
  • Strong visual design skills
  • Typography, colors, layouts, grids, style guides
  • Proficient with Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD design software
  • Familiar with scalable design systems
  • Prototyping tools – InVision
  • Usability testing
  • GV Design Sprints
  • Flinto

eMerge Americas • Mentor

April 2022 – Present • São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Design Mentor for Hackathon 2022 (in-person).
Design Mentor for Hackathon 2023 (hybrid).

ESC DesignHead of UX/UI Design

February 2016 – Present • São Paulo, SP, Brazil

To be updated.

LÄN MediaFounder

August 2016 – Present • São Paulo, SP, Brazil

To be updated.

Scala Pro • UX/UI Designer

May 2019 – July 2019 • Miami, FL, USA

As a contractor to Scala Pro, a startup from Stanley Black&Decker, I served as UX/UI Designer, developing a new Design System for mobile, web apps from scratch, building wireframes, prototypes and delivering live apps to the Mexico market. Also, I use my expertise in design to improve user flows based on different user research methods. Also, I organized all files from Sketch and Adobe XD and moved all to Figma, this was helpful to connect all freelance designers in one cloud platform.

Product School • Community Organizer Miami

January 2019 – August 2019 • Miami, FL, USA

As an Organizer for Miami, I help connect passionate product people with expert product people and innovative businesses. I am responsible for all logistics of organizing events in Miami: securing speakers, venues, and hosting and community development across multiple platforms.

Founded in 2014, Product School is the world’s first technology business school. They provide certified courses in Product Management, Data Analytics, Coding, Digital Marketing, and Blockchain to professionals across 15 campuses worldwide and offer the same courses live online. All courses are taught by real-world product managers working at top technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Slack, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Netflix.

Stayfilm • UX/UI Designer & Project Manager

February 2017 – April 2019 • Miami, FL, USA

To be updated.

Served as an essential member of the UI/UX Design team and also implemented agile/scrum methodology on all teams. In one year we redesigned the iOS and Android app and build on native platforms that allowed us to use more features available to each platform. Collaborated with the third-party engineering team to Colombia and Venezuela, and played as Product Owner and Scrum Master on daily standup meetings with all teams across Brazil, the US, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Moda it • Product and Strategy Advisor

July 2018 – December 2018 • São Paulo, SP, Brazil

To be updated.

Urban Summer • Head of UX/UI Design

November 2015 – December 2016 • São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Lead and build a UI/UX team and delivered projects for clients like Santander, Ajinomoto, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Audi. Created a front-end framework and design system for Santander bank in Brazil based on brand guidelines. Worked closely with the Marketing and IT team to ensure brand guidelines were up to global company’s standards.

GameHedge • UX/UI Designer

June 2016 – September 2016 • New York, USA

Freelance interface design and user experience.

GameHedge sells MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL tickets with a patent-pending Good Game Guarantee at no extra cost. If the home team loses by the number or runs below, the company gives 50% of the ticket price back to users.

Spinlister • Graphic Designer

July 2015 – September 2016 • Santa Monica, California, USA

Freelance interface design and user experience.

LookBook™ WeLiveStyle • Founder

February 2012 – November 2015 • São Paulo, Brazil

Responsible for all e-commerce environments at LookBook, built from scratch all platforms and operations to run an online retail business. Leading teams: IT (E-commerce Platform + ERP + WMS), business development, marketing, social media, creative team, UX, content, and logistics. Unique founder for a wholesale and retail platform for fashion brands ( and

Main Responsibilities
Product Management, UX/UI Designer, Business Development.

Key Accomplishments
• to be updated

Clients Served
• Moleskine
• Collins
• Kiminis
• Limonada
• GetBaby
• Casa de Bonecas
• ELECOM Japan
• Etiqueta Negra
• Oxo Paxo
• La Sophie
• PA Concept
• Livros de Safra

Yelp • Brand Ambassador

December 2015 – May 2016

  • Writing locally compelling newsletters weekly as well as persuasive pitches to newsletter sponsors and more!
  • Marketing outreach. Connect with the right local organizations; barter weekly newsletter sponsorships for promotion of Yelp.
  • Event planning. Conceptualize, negotiate, plan and execute cool, fun and buzz-worthy (big wow factor!) events/parties.
  • Communication. Be accountable with stellar communication to your Community Manager, brand ambassadors, interns and those who support you at Yelp HQ.
  • Helping develop, organize and execute marketing events (parties, happy hours) and guerilla marketing programs (festivals, street ambushes, etc).
  • Co-managing social media.
  • Keeping Yelp clean with on-site projects, writing and researching.
  • Online community building.

Yelp Profile

PlayBook • Marketing and Strategic Business Development Director

August 2011 – July 2012

Responsible for developing and creating content for crowdfunding platform focused on music concerts. Main music curator selecting trendy artists and bands to perform in major cities in Brazil. Leading a creative marketing team to acquire and engage customers to our music concerts. Strategic Business Development with agents, managers, and record labels.

Main Responsibilities
• to be updated

Key Accomplishments
• to be updated

Clients Served
Jack Daniels, Budweiser (INBEV).

About PlayBook
PlayBook ( is an innovative live entertainment company in Brazil and part of Holding Clube (, a market-leading group with over 20 years of history successfully activating brands in Brazil.

Buscapé Company • Marketplace / Classifieds and Product Manager

July 2008 – October 2011 • Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil

Responsible for business development, marketing, and project management to relaunch a new marketplace/classified platform in Latin America. Implemented strategic planning according to time-to-market and investor interests featuring growth, revenue, visitors sessions, qualified content, and user experience to increase marketplace network effect.

Main Responsibilities
• Business Development
• Brand & Marketing Planning
• Yield Management for Marketplace and Classifieds business unit
• New Ventures (advisor to VP and CEO)
• Sales and Partnership Strategy Development
• Marketplace Application and API Product Management

Key Accomplishments
• Developed a specialist team for marketplace and classified
• Restructured business model and implemented a new marketplace product
• Relaunched QueBarato! marketplace platform as new version in 29 countries
• Optimized our online properties for Search Engines (Google and Bing) and double Non-Paid Search Traffic
• Designed Web Analytics metrics using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and made significant changes to a rise results and conversions
• Implemented SCRUM process to organize and increase development speed
• Lead marketing strategy and advertised two TV campaigns over 3 years in Latin America main channels
• Designed new KPI’s and ROI for online marketing campaigns focused on marketplaces in Google AdWords, Harren Media, and others Affiliate Networks
• Created YouTube Channel and reached more than 4 million views
• Increased revenue-share for partners and affiliate programs as Lomadee, Google AdSense, and AFF.
• Organized social media strategy creating a Blog, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter account to generate online traffic
• Made significant changes in buyers and sellers relationship sending qualified content on newsletters to 5 million users every day
• Launched niche marketplaces for Games, Handmade, Pets, Vehicles, and Universities

About Buscapé
Buscapé Company is a leading Internet company in Latin America and part of MIH-Naspers.

FIRB Financial Investor Relations Brasil • Business Development and Data Products Manager

June 2006 – June 2008 • São Paulo, Brazil

Responsible for the development and management of Data Service Products such as Investor Relations websites, Corporate and PR Websites, SEC (XBRL) and CVM Fillings, Annual Report Online and Offline versions, Webcasts, and Conferences Calls, IRM (Investor Relationship Management), E-mail, and SMS Alerts.

Main Responsibilities
• Business Development
• Partnership with technical solution providers
• Identification of new opportunities
• Provide new communication channels and approaches to the Financial community

Key Accomplishments
• Deployment of the whole Data Products portfolio in the client’s company, creating a unique one-stop-shop for Financial Communication services.
• Recruiting and team development.
• Designed and achieved structured methodologies to deliver all services to our clients.
• Formatted all the company’s innovative initiatives and developed new revenues sources.

Clients Serviced
• Cia. Hering
• CTBC (communication)
• Celesc
• Itaú-Unibanco (banking)
• Itausa (banking)
• Saraiva (retail)
• Medial Saúde
• Sadia (food)
• Rede Energia
• Usiminas
• Tractebel Energia (GDF Suez)
• General Shopping Brasil (retail)
• Eternit
• Vale

ACION • Founder & Creative Director

June 2006 – June 2008 • São Paulo, Brazil

Played a central role in the agency’s startup process. Starting from scratch and counting only on human capital, created campaigns and marketing/licensing projects for main advertising and direct marketing (BTL) agencies in Brazil. Strategic Consulting and Advisor to major business industries and agencies to create out-of-box communication.

Main Responsibilities
• Creative Direction
• Yield Management
• Business Development
• Partnership
• P&L
• Media Buyer

Key Accomplishments
• Led a team responsible to develop the first E-Commerce tickets for Formula 1 in Brazil, having integrated to call center and payment services.
• Developed a sounder marketing relationship strategy for bands and musicians. Contributed significantly to increasing fan engagement, traffic grows and revenues.
• Every year with some of the clients on iBest TOP10 – main web award in Brazil market

Clients Serviced
• ARC Worldwide
• Leo Burnett
• Fiat (Italy)
• Chilli Beans
• Formula 1
• Petrobras
• Vivo
• Banco Real
• Santander
• Hines
• Artplan
• Dreamfactory
• Banco de Eventos
• Cyrela
• Bauducco
• Avon
• Cia Athletica
• Young & Rubicam
• Souza Cruz
• L&M
• Farah Service
• Africa (Grupo ABC)
• Honda
• Coca-Cola
• TIM (blah!)
• Philips
• Banco do Brasil
• Aliança do Brasil
• Sandy & Junior
• Electrolux
• Leo Maia
• Biosintética
• Procter & Gamble
• 3M
• Vivara
• Piccadilly
• MPM Propaganda
• MatosGrey
• Pelé Club
• Sony Ericsson (Latin America – USA)
• Pans (New York City – USA)
• Samsung
• Walita
• Philishave
• Philco
• iG
• Itaú Cultural
• Mercado Mundo Mix
• Telefônica
• Telefônica Empresas
• Europa Filmes
• Xuxa Produções
• Ana Couto Brand & Design
• Warner Bros
• SIGG Switzerland
• Capital Partners
• Aggrego
• Rio Bravo
• Globopar
• Ambev
• Unibanco
• Braskem
• Unimed

CCR Inc.Country Manager and Product Evangelist

May 2001 – April 2002 • Seoul, South Korea and São Paulo, Brazil

Responsible for launching X2Web* software in Brazil and market research for online game business. Headed marketing events and PR to present CCR online casual games and X2Web to advertisers and web agencies.

*X2Web is an application that provides the ability to change your browser format, so advertisers could create your own browser.

Main Responsibilities
• Business Development
• Partnership
• Identification of new opportunities

Key Accomplishments
• Launched X2Web application creating a microsite for Philips DWIDE TVs line (1st generation of widescreen TVs) in Brazil. This strategic partnership allowed to distribution X2Web plugin on a nationwide scale.
• Strategic partnership between Usina do Som (Editora Abril) and main Advertisers in Brazil to launch customized Online Radios.

Clients Serviced
• Toshiba (Consumer Electronic)
• Skol Beats (Beverages)
• Philips (Consumer Electronic)
• Volkswagen (automotive)
• Avon (Cosmetics)
• Usina do Som (Internet)
• ePipoca (Internet)
• (Internet)
• FOX (Entertainment)
• Warner Bros (Entertainment)
• Philco (Consumer Electronic)
• Philishave (Consumer Electronic)

DM9 DBBArt Director

March 2000 – May 2001 • São Paulo, Brazil

Responsible for Art Direction and Animation for online campaigns, strategic online marketing planning, advertising campaigns, and brand development.

Main Responsibilities
• Delivery effective and creative campaigns to our customers
• Design Internet strategy in many business sectors

Key Accomplishments
• Launched cross-media campaigns (online and offline) for major clients.
• Made significant changes in the online media strategy to a rise in results and investment in online media.

Clients Serviced
• Lucky Strike (tobacco)
• Itaú (banking)
• Itaú Seguros
• Philips (electronics)
• Honda Automobiles
• Honda Motorcycles
• Telefônica (communication)
• Guaraná Antarctica (beverage)
• Parmalat (Food & Beverages)
• iG (ISP)
• Johnson&Johnson
• Sadia (Food)
• Sebrae
• Ministério da Cultura (Government)
• Cia Athletica (fitness)
• Bohemia (Beverage)
• Terra (ISP)
• TAM (Aviation)


  • User Experience
  • Interaction Designer
  • Product Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Planning
  • Creative & Strategic Planning
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • E-Commerce
  • Public Relations
  • Innovation
  • Relationship and Business Development
  • Graphic Designer
  • Partnerships
  • Cultural Projects
  • Brand Strategy
  • Start-Up
  • Mobile
  • Games
  • Internet
  • Content Development
  • Community Management
  • Research & Analytics
  • Viral and Buzz Marketing
  • Special Projects
  • Online Retail
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Online Media
  • Digital and Online Marketing Strategy
  • Entertainment & Show Business in Brazil
  • Music
  • Online game
  • Cross-Media
  • BTL
  • Design Thinking
  • Branding
  • Investor Relations
  • E-commerce platforms