The Rise of AI and the Fall of NFTs and all goodies to make your day amazing

eMerge 2023 recap, Config 2023, tips for your next interview and my responsive breakpoint recommendations.

Hello humans, in this issue, we’ll look at…

  • 🤖 eMerge Americas recap,
  • 🌉 Figma Config 2023,
  • 🔑 The goldmine of tech interviews,
  • 🍎 Designed in California by an Apple intern,
  • 😎 Juno 15 Minutes of Fame,
  • 🍟 and extra things to bite it…

🌴 eMerge Americas 2023 in Review: The Rise of AI and the Fall of NFTs

It’s amazing to reflect on how much the technology industry has changed over the past year. The rise and fall of NFT companies and the emergence of AI have brought about a revolutionary shift in the industry. I remember last year when I was a judge for the eMERGE Americas hackathon while living in Miami, on that time what fascinated me to see that many people couldn’t even grasp the concept of NFTs and most of the solutions presented could have been built using traditional tools without relying on NFTs and blockchain.

This year has been a monumental shift in the tech industry, from the focus on NFTs to the rise of AI. Looking back, it’s crazy to see how quickly the industry changes. There have been massive layoffs, which have resulted in significant shifts in the industry. Some people are happy about this change because it will help adjust salaries in the US, as tech companies have been paying exorbitant amounts to people with little experience.

‘‘In short, it seems that most of us are not keeping up with the pace of technological progress in the past year.”

In the recent years, bootcamps have played a crucial role in bridging the gap caused by the shortage of professionals in the tech industry. However, with the exponential growth of AI and the abundance of tech workers available now, the scenario is undergoing a drastic change. This will not only compel bootcamps to reconsider their business models but also necessitate a revamp of our entire education system. As a mentor to Sirius, a company I assisted during Miami Techstars, I have seen them shift their focus towards offering more AI courses to keep up with the changing times.

There are numerous concerns surrounding the evolution of AI. Italy has even attempted to ban it, but I believe that won’t solve the issue. The reality is that AI will keep progressing, and it has numerous potential applications. People still don’t comprehend how quickly AI is evolving and the impact it will have on our world.

In my view, utilizing AI in every aspect of your work is now essential because if you don’t, someone else will, and you may lose your job.

🗓️🌉 Config 2023 in San Francisco

It’s been a while since I visited San Francisco. The last time I was there, I remember having lunch with some friends at the Twitter building, and later catching up with a talented developer I worked with in Brazil. He was working with three startups and living in the same area, and he joked that his life in San Francisco was confined to just three blocks. He also took me to a famous coffee shop where many tech deals were made.

This year, I’m excited to attend Config 2023 in-person, thanks to an invitation from Figma. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. Hope to catch up with you in June in the Bay area.

💭 Dream Job 😬

Feeling nervous about your next tech job interview? You’re not alone. Technical interviews can be tough, but don’t worry – there are online resources to help you prepare. Check out this website – it’s a goldmine for interview questions.

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🍎📱 Apple Remote control

I haven’t used my projector and Apple TV in a while. Yesterday I was trying to adjust the subtitles, which was overly complicated and confusing. And after clicking the wrong buttons multiple times, I had to Google the solution.

It was a frustrating experience, and unfortunately, it’s not the only one I’ve had with Apple’s digital products. Compared to other streaming services and music platforms, Apple seems to be falling behind in terms of user interface design. While they excel in industrial design with their beautifully crafted devices, digital products like Apple Music and their streaming services are lacking. I hope Apple will invest in finding skilled individuals to improve their digital products and provide a better user experience.

I hope someone can create Steve Jobs AI.

How famous am I?

I’ve been getting some messages since Brad Frost included my photo in his article.

But fame is relative to the context and social group. For instance, Taylor Swift is playing in Atlanta this weekend, but I don’t even know her music.

And to answer the question if I model on the side. As for me, I rather take pictures than modeling.

On a side note, I had an AI analyze the photo, and it thought I was a woman – which is biased because of my long hair.

Juno featured in Brad Frost’s blog

🖥️📲 Responsive Design

As designers, our creativity often leads to complex thinking. Overcomplicating things can be common when reviewing breakpoints for a project. However, having coding knowledge as a designer 🦄 can provide valuable insights and simplify the decision-making process. To aid in our decision, I conducted research and compared various design systems such as IBM CarbonGoogle Material DesignWashington Post Design SystemFoundationBootstrap, and Ant Design. Ultimately, I opted for a simple approach with the following breakpoints:

  • sm: 768px
  • md: 900px
  • lg: 1024px
  • xl: 1280px
  • xxl: 1440px

🍟 BITes

📉 SVB 2.0 is happening. Now is the time for First Republic Bank to go down. I have a bank account for my startup at First Republic, but I moved my funds to a more solid (or traditional) bank.

🤖 I will soon be doing a talk here in Atlanta about AI in UX, and you can find some good tips in this post.

🪩 This reminds me of the old ages of advertising and the Mad Men show. Before opening Figma, which is only a design tool, spent some good time in other activities to do a better project.

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