Config 2024, Figma & AI, Drama in Startup land, and maybe SEO is dead

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Hello people, in this issue, we’ll look at…

  • 🗓️ Mark Your Calendars for Config 2024,
  • ❤️‍🩹 Figma & AI, not a Love Story,
  • 🎭 Drama in the Startup World,
  • 🤨 Is SEO really Dead,
  • 🍟 and extra things to bite it…

🗓️ Mark Your Calendars for Config 2024

Get ready, folks! Config 2024 is all set for June 26-27 at the Moscone Center. Can’t wait to catch up with y’all in San Francisco! Before you splurge on Black Friday deals, snag your ticket for a cool $175. That’s a whopping 75% discount! 🎟️

❤️‍🩹 Figma & AI, not a Love Story

Since Config 2023, I’ve been on the edge of my seat for some groundbreaking AI integration from Figma. Their Magician acquisition? Big news, but honestly, the plugin’s still a bit meh. 🥱 And their latest AI board generator? More like a fancy FigJam template picker. We need real AI magic here, folks! 😕

I think it’s a joke…

🍄 Seamless Figma to FigJam Transitions

Loving the concept of transferring Figma pages to FigJam. But hey, why not spice it up with interactive links for live updates? And once you jump to FigJam, getting back to Figma isn’t as clear as it should be. Let’s make this switch smoother! 🔄

👉 Without this message, I couldn’t find another way to copy a page to FigJam again.

How can I go back?

🗺️ Figma’s AI Strategy: What’s Next?

Chatting with a mentor, I learned how AI strategy is becoming a big deal for investors. And I bet Figma’s brainstorming some cool AI features. The future looks AI-mazing! 🌐

👉 Auto-Arrange Affinity Mapping

First up, imagine a plugin that links Google Forms and other survey platforms directly to FigJam. This reminds me of how Miro used to automatically generate sticky notes for each survey response on your board. Such a time-saver!

Next, let’s talk about harnessing genuine AI power, like QoQo. This could be a game-changer for UX Designers, especially in creating detailed Affinity Maps or Empathy Maps with ease and precision. 🚀🗺️🖌️

🖥️ Screenshot to Code

Picture this: a tool that turns your screenshot into HTML/Tailwind CSS code, thanks to GPT-4 Vision. Using Screenshot to Code, you can convert screenshots to code, and nowadays, you can enter a URL to clone a live website.

✏️ Low-Fi to Wireframe

Transform a low-fi sketch into a wireframe with a simple prompt. Or use prompts to build wireframes similar to Wireframe Designer. Exciting, right?

Wireframe Designer

🙅‍♂️ Design Without Coding? It’s Happening!

Tools like Framer or Uizard are changing the game. You might not even need Figma soon to design and deploy a website. These AI tools are learning fast and will soon be indispensable in our design toolkit. And for mobile app design? Bravo Studio is my go-to. Easy, code-free, and fun! 📱

🐞 And last but not least

It’s not AI-related but is about productivity and making Figma better. Please, we need fewer glitches in the prototype tool. It’s crucial for presenting our work flawlessly. I’m working on a big project, and because of the bugs, I cannot trust 100% of the prototypes to present the work to stakeholders.

Advanced Variables: copy or acquire Tokens Studio for Figma. It does make one wonder – why bring together so many talented individuals if we’re still struggling with copying & pasting Tokens Studio for Figma features?

Lastly, a little throwback to my Buscapé days in Brazil: the due diligence for Naspers’ acquisition was quite eye-opening. It was intriguing how the technical team admitted that most startups they scrutinized fell short technically. Makes sense, though. A founder’s primary aim is often to craft a product, make it marketable, and rake in profits. It’s more about the hustle than the perfect technical setup.

Switching gears to Figma and Adobe, it’s easy to point fingers at Adobe for the bugs and slow pace of innovation in Figma post-acquisition. However, if we’re being real, these issues likely predate Adobe’s involvement. For Dylan Field, it’s going to take more than an inspiring speech next year to reassure us that Figma remains a trailblazer in the design worldThe proof will be in the pudding – or in this case, in the software updates and bug fixes! 🛠️💻🚀

Figma errors screenshot collection.

When I worked at Buscapé in Brazil, we had a traditional and technical due diligence process before Naspers acquired Buscapé. It was funny at that time that the team in charge of the technical due diligence confessed to me that all the startups they made due diligence failed in the technical aspect. I can understand because a founder’s goal is to build a product, sell it, and make money. It is not about holding hands and hugging trees.

Now, you may think to blame Adobe for acquiring Figma, but on the level of bugs and lack of speed to deliver new things, you can probably believe that those problems were already there before Adobe. Dylan Field will need more than a heartful speech next year to prove to the fans that Figma is still the future of design.


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🎭 S05E09: Drama in the Startup World

This episode feels like a scene straight out of “Silicon Valley” – CEOs getting fired and rehired within four days. It reminds me of my time at DM9 DDB in Brazil, where Nizan Guanaes, the former CEO, was known for his rapid-fire hiring decisions.

Despite the chaos at OpenAI, there’s some exciting stuff on the horizon:

1️⃣ Custom GPTs

Now you can tailor ChatGPT to your needs. Mix and match instructions, knowledge, and skills to create unique versions like a writing coach, startup advisor, Canva GPT designer, or even a Zapier AI for task automation. Imagine having a custom Persona from UX Research that addresses specific user pain points and evaluates solutions. 🤖✍️

2️⃣ The App Store of AI

Created your own GPT? Get ready to showcase and monetize it in the upcoming GPT Store. Think of it as the App Store, but for AI creations – and the best part? No coding skills required! 📲💸

3️⃣ GPT-4 Turbo: Bigger and Better

OpenAI is upping the game with GPT-4 Turbo. It boasts a massive 128k context window – like writing prompts as long as a book. Plus, it’s up-to-date with events up to April 2023. 📚🚀

4️⃣ Assistants API

This new API lets developers integrate AI-driven interactions in their apps. From natural language data analysis to AI vacation planners, the possibilities are endless. This might redefine the role of bootcamps in preparing future tech talent, because, in 2024, there won’t be any space for junior positions. 💡📈

5️⃣ Copyright Shield 🛡️

Worried about copyright issues with OpenAI products? They’ve got you covered. OpenAI promises to defend and cover costs for legal claims around copyright infringement. This could be tricky for content creators, especially with all those Disney-inspired characters out there, or maybe it will help Disney to collect royalties from everybody. 🛡️👩‍⚖️🎨

🤨 Is SEO really Dead?🪦

As we kicked off the year, the AI wave surged, sparking chatter about the potential downfall of Google and semantic searches – the very foundations of Sergey Brin’s and Larry Page’s fortunes. But think about it: the world has transformed drastically in the last two decades, and it’s poised for another seismic shift.

Consider how phones, our current primary interface, are somewhat dated in their form and function. Google has made attempts to innovate in this area, but it seems Apple might be the one to usher us into a new era. Their introduction of Apple Vision Pro is just a glimpse of this evolving landscape.

Meanwhile, according to Jacob Nielsen, SEO might be on its way out, or at least evolving. My advice to designers has always been to understand SEO principles. It’s crucial for designing web pages that not only make sense to developers and search engine bots like Google but also ensure quick scanning and accurate ranking of your site. 🌐📱🔍🚀

I’ve got some juicy insights from Nielsen’s article “SEO is Dead”.

💡 User-Centric Over Algorithm-Chasing: Nielsen talks about the big shift moving away from obsessing over search engine algorithms. Instead, the focus is now squarely on user experience. It’s all about creating content that resonates with real people, not just what ranks well.

💡 Quality Content Reigns Supreme: Nielsen emphasizes that high-quality, valuable content is king. This means crafting information that’s genuinely useful and engaging for your audience. It’s not just about keywords anymore; it’s about relevance and value.

💡 UX/UI’s Rising Importance: This is a big win for us in the UX/UI world. The article highlights our role in shaping web experiences that are visually appealing, deeply satisfying, and intuitive for users.

💡 Adapting to User Behavior: Nielsen points out that understanding how users interact with your content is key. This means paying attention to things like how they navigate your site, what content they engage with, and what turns them off.

💡 SEO Isn’t Really “Dead”: Okay, so the title might be a bit of a hyperbole. SEO isn’t gone; it’s just evolved. It’s less about gaming the system and more about a holistic approach that marries great content with a stellar user experience.

Essentially, we’re at a pivotal moment where adopting a user-centric mindset is key. Exceptional UX/UI design isn’t just a bonus – it’s absolutely vital.

In line with this philosophy, I’m currently crafting a directory of Martial Arts schools for DOJO+. I’d love for you to check it out and share any thoughts or feedback. Keep in mind, it’s a work in progress. In the digital product world, nothing is ever truly “finished.” 🥋🖥️🔄

🍟 BITes

Helga’s Prints

👩‍🎨 I came across Helga Stentzel’s art, and she has a fantastic creativity to make this series using hanging clothes to make animals. Take time to explore her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.

🏷️ Black Fridays deals Uizard (get 25% discount in any plan)Bravo Studio get Free Advanced or Business app for 1 year.

🪦 RIP WeWork. Since I learned about Switchyards, this is my place to go when I have to focus and work. It’s a more comfortable way to work and connect with other local creatives. WeWork is just a Regus office with startup clothes. Like many people, I downgraded my WeWork account this month, which could impact the WeWork bankruptcy.

🖼️ If you want to have some cool wallpapers for your phone, you must follow Antonio Monaco. He creates the sickest backgrounds for your phone. I personally love using the GameBoy Advance screens.

👨‍🍳 OSP, or Open Source Kitchen, is a repository for creatives built by obsessed designers. You can find typography, tools, workshops, works, and an excellent inspiration blog.

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