🛠 Building Better Components with Props | Edition #27

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Hello people, in this issue, we’ll look at…

  • Architecture and UX,
  • How to use tarot to improve your UX,
  • Frames or Groups,
  • Figma Component Properties,
  • and much more…

Architecture and UX

I often compare our UX/UI field with architecture, as some of you already know. There is a lot in common and, at some point, fewer regulations for UX projects. In terms of accessibility, architects must comply with a lot of mandatory regulations. This article discusses how architects may learn from UX, but there is also much to learn from engineering processes, architecture, or even branding. 

Astrology and Tarot cards

My age or date of birth are topics I prefer to avoid because I had the experience working with two amazing colleagues in an agency, and they judged every time the clients because of the signs and the alignment of the stars.

I had a super cool experience a few weeks ago in a tarot session, and it’s amazing some guidance you can take from this (believe it or not).

We should start doing more UX projects like Spotify Astrology Club, where they suggest content based on your sign. I recall a great project from past students making drink suggestions in the Starbucks app using customer moods.

Perrine, this is for you 😃

⚔️ Groups or Frames

I hope Adobe never removes the concept of adding a frame inside another frame from Figma. Which is a great idea created by InVision Studio years ago before Figma copied that.

The concept of having containers makes a lot of sense if you have ever tried to code a simple HTML page in your life.

I know it sounds confusing once you start making your unnamed layers on Figma, but maybe this article can help you to understand a little bit better the whole concept.

⚙️ Props?

Figma recently introduced Component Properties, so I began adapting some Design System components to utilize this new feature. If you used Sketch like I did 10 years ago, this feature won’t impress you. I think it took too long for Figma to start having it. There are still some improvements to be made, but this is already an enormous help for enhancing your Design System.

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