Multicultural Family

As a family with mixed cultural backgrounds, my spouse and I have had countless encounters with other immigrants and mixed families. And almost every time, we hear people referring to themselves as “half-this” and “half-that.”

But here’s the thing: you’re never just “half” of anything. In fact, you’re always DOUBLE! Being raised with multiple cultures and languages means you have more to offer to the world – different perspectives, unique experiences, and a wider understanding of different ways of life.

In our family, we have Brazilian and Korean backgrounds, and we make sure to teach our kids that they are not just a mixture of two halves. They are a beautiful blend of cultures, with the opportunity to embrace and celebrate both sides of their heritage.

So let’s stop defining ourselves as halves and start recognizing the richness of our diverse backgrounds. Embrace your DOUBLE heritage and all the amazing things that come with it! 💪🌍🌎🌏